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Getting Started: How to use CoinData

In this video we discuss how to setup CoinData and start using it! We walkthrough all the essentials.

In the above video, I'm walking you through how to use coin data, get set up, get running with it, and ultimately how to use it.

We're going to break it down into three parts. This first part is just an understanding of the application, how it works, and how to get up and run.

There are a couple of ways to get the app. Now, what CoinData is fundamentally is an extension for Google sheets. It allows you to pull raw crypto data into Google sheets. Then, you can manipulate it within your terms, run your experiments, and sort everything.

How to install Coin data?

Easy! Install it into your Google Workspace here.

That's going to take you to the Google Workspace marketplace. Inside of Google Sheets, go to 'Extensions' >> 'Get add-ons' >> search CoinData. One thing to note is that you have to accept a couple of permissions upon installing.

Once the extension is installed within Google Sheet, it's pretty easy to get up and run. When you're in Google sheets, you're going to hit 'Extensions' and then navigate to  CoinData -- hover over it and hit 'Open'.

The way it works is that we have pre-built API calls to some of the most prominent marketplaces. So we're able to take that data, insert it into Google sheets quickly, easily, and it's free.

It's good to see what comes on the market, how to evaluate new coins, and what to invest.

I will show you how the Pro Features work in the following video. However, if you want to get the pro features, click here. The Pro Features allow you to run these calls at timed intervals.

Every hour, you're going to be able to see what's changed now. But what becomes powerful is when you hook up tools like Zapier to get custom alerts or other cool custom integrations and build something out. That's incredible for gaining an advantage in the market and understanding where you can go and how to leverage your crypto buying power.