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Install our Google Sheets extension

Start downloading raw crypto data now! When you sign in to your Google account make sure use the same account () you used to sign up for your CoinData plan.

Note: Must be a Gmail or Google Workplace account.

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Upgrade to Pro!

Get the most out of CoinData and use the Google Sheets Extension to build custom integrations and data-mining models! Pro allows unlimited data fetches and allows time-based data refreshing.

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Check out our learning section for quick videos on how to get started, see how the pro features work, and dive it to your own data mining.

Why we built CoinData

It's pretty simple. We wanted to gain insight into new-to-marketplace coins and look at their stats in their raw form. This gave us a huge advantage. We could discover coins that were about to big the next big thing -- and be the first ones to invest!