Complete Crypto Data Inside your Google Sheets

Get an edge on the competition. Run custom formulas, sort & filter, and get advanced insights like never before.

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Packed with cutting-edge features

Looking for an edge on the competition?
Here’s what CoinData gives you:

Real-time Data

Unlike sites that only refresh hourly or daily, our APIs update in near real-time.

Advanced Charting

Want to run custom charts inside of Excel or Sheets? CoinData gives you the ability to create custom pie charts, bar graphs and more, inside of Google Sheets.

Enterprise Grade Security

CoinData takes privacy and anonymity extremely seriously. We never rent, sell, or monetize your data, EVER. Your email and name are always fully encrypted.

Advanced Formulas

Run custom formulas, track ROI, and compare coins in a way not possible on any other platform.

Accurate Data

Our data is pulled directly from the aggregator APIs, ensuring that pricing reflects a wide variety of exchanges and DEXs.

Trending Coins

Want to see trending coins without the hassle of manually refreshing a site? We’ve got you covered. Trending coins will appear automatically inside your Google Sheet. Discover new opportunities every time you log in.

Uplevel your Trading Game

Most aggregator sites severely limit your ability to customize reports and sort and filter data. This leaves you unable to gain an edge in the market. With CoinData, you can uplevel your trading game with cutting edge data and analytics, customized however you want! You can improve your understanding of market and narrative cycles, and build far superior trading strategies.

No Latency

Get real time data, when you need it, with complete control and flexibility.

Custom Charts

Add custom charts to your Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet (tutorials and templates coming soon!) 👀

Let’s Get Granular

Access hundreds of metrics and datapoints such as: complete historical pricing data, historical volume data, trending coins, new movers and shakers, coins sorted by category, new additions to Coingecko and CoinMarketCap, and much more. 

All automagically imported into your Google Sheets account in real time.

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Save Time & Money

Other analytics tools charge hundreds or even thousands per month to access data, with much less flexibility. With CoinData you’ll save time and money. by being able to set up your own reports and charts.

Create your account and start building custom reports with one click!

Free Plan, with no Credit Card required.

How to get started

We’re not a fan of making people jump through hoops. Getting started is near-instant, with no credit card required.


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We have a free plan available, where you can create your own spreadsheets and reports in one click. Want more customization and flexibility? We have a Premium plan that you can add with one click from inside the app, giving you access to an even more robust set of features.


Watch our short training video

We created a short 3 minute video walking you through CoinData and how to get the most value out of it, so that you can start upgrading your trading game right away.


Start Making More Money

Get a massive leg up on the competition. Own your data, and modify it however you want, so that your trading becomes more effective and more profitable. Click to get started today!


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